• Co-Chairs:
    Karen Park and Aaron Werner

  • Alumni Representatives:
    Doug Merkel and Nate Wenstrup

  • Auction Co-Chairs:
    Mairin Fogarty and Gabriel Huey

  • Grant Chairs:
    Joe Rothberg and Chad Roberts

  • Gratitude Coordinators:
    Nazik Hasan and Annie Hsieh

  • Members at Large:
    Amira Hasenbush, Abdallah Kamal, Scott MacDonald, Zeyen Wu, Julie Krogh

  • Outreach Coordinators:
    Raquel Villar

  • Spring Event:
    Hadar Zemah and Rebecca Abel

  • Summer Pledge Drive:
    Almas Sayeed

  • Treasurer:
    Matthew Hosen

  • Trivia Co-Chairs:
    Joe Rothberg and Marta Godecki

  • Volunteer Coordinators:
    Nell Moley and Christina Snider

  • Webmaster:
    Jeremy Anapol


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